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  2019 - Spectacles
2019 - Spectacles
Date: Vendredi, 13 Septembre, 2019 - 21:00

Groovesti et Les Délicieuses soirées J A N I M E J E A N I N E présentent:

Kalmunity & Friends


KALMUNITY is Canada’s largest and longest running black arts & improv collective of multi-disciplined, linguistic & cultural creatives boasting a local membership of over 60 creatives that was founded in 2003 by Jahsun & directed by Preach Ankobia.

The collective was created as an outlet of free expression for artists who could not easily access viable venues. They have since been intricate in the protection & progression of Montreal’ black music & are considered a crucial component in Canada’s urban tapestry.


Vendredi / Friday 09.13.2019

@ Quai des Brumes

Portes / Doors: 21h00 / 9PM

Spectacle / Show: 22h00 / 10PM

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